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Do You Need a "Comfort Letter" for Mortgage/Rental, Car Loan/Lease or Medical Insurance?

If you need this type of letter, these are the simple steps for you to take:


1. Email to or fax to 845-889-8161 the following information: (Black pen, print clearly, please.)

Visa/Mastercard account number _____ _____ _____ _____

expiration date: ______ / _____

3 digit V-code from the back of the card ___ ___ ___

'Please charge my credit card $200.'
Client Signature ________________________

Fax Recipient name ________________________

Fax Recipient Company name ________________________

Recipient fax number ________________________


2. Wait one day, then call 845-889-4439 to confirm that your communication has been received.


3. Instruct the intended recipient of the "comfort letter" to Email to or fax to 845-889-8161 the specific requested content of the letter. Make sure they understand that if they change their mind, omit important details, and need it written again for any reason, there will be another $200 charge to your credit card.


4. We will promptly write the specific letter you need, fax it to the specified party, fax or mail a copy to the client as confirmation, and place the letter in the client's file.


Take Home Message:

We cannot respond to verbal requests.

Please follow the simple procedural steps outlined above for efficiently and quickly getting your letter written and sent where and when you need it.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Release date 6/30/2002


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