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Will You Represent Me In An Audit?

Our professional practice assists clients who have various problems with the IRS, various state departments of taxation, or other governmental entities. These issues are separate from the practice of tax return preparation, and are billed separately, at our standard rate of $250 per hour, paid as a retainer, in advance. We try to get results as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.


However, clients must understand that this may be a long, time-consuming process, rather than an instant fix. We need to first understand the situation. We first review and analyze the client's filed tax returns, supporting documentation and governmental correspondence. Then we prepare 3 copies of a tax power of attorney and request a transcript of the taxpayer's account from the government, and analyze that. Then, with all the information available, we evaluate the client's position, develop the best strategy for solving the problem, and communicate that to the client. Every step in the process must be documented in our files.


Sometimes, just for us to get a response to a letter, we must wait for 2 to 4 months. Some transcripts can be mailed to our office in one to two weeks. We cannot control the responses and turnaround times of governmental units.


We maintain a professional relationship with the IRS and other governmental entities. We are polite and respectful, not antagonistic or insulting. This is the proper way to serve our clients' best interests, and secure the cooperation of other parties. Some of the representatives of the government, we know by name.


We resolve issues in many states, by telephone and fax, without the necessity of a personal appearance.


Some of the issues we resolve are: - Errors on prior tax returns requiring an amended return - Audits - Audit Appeals - Offers in compromise - Payment plans - Penalty abatement - Late subchapter-S elections - Responses to letters from various governmental units, etc.


We function on the Federal level representing clients before the IRS, at the state level dealing with the state department of revenue in any state, and with any other governmental entities.


In the past, we have been very successful in resolving problems in our clients' best interest. However, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Like lawyers, we cannot guarantee total success in every situation. It would be unprofessional to do so. However, we can promise to make our best effort, to utilize our extensive resources, knowledge of tax law, negotiation skills, and years of experience with the tax system, to try to solve a problem as promptly and economically as possible. Also, we need the understanding and cooperation of our client.


To start the process, the client should send us a package containing:

1. copies of all governmental correspondence you have sent or received;​

2. the most recently filed tax return;

3. copies of any relevant documents or schedules, such as divorce decree or agreement, closing documents of home sale or purchase, estimated tax payments, payroll or sales taxes, cost basis of investments which have been sold, transcripts of your account with the IRS or state, if available;

4. a list of immediate family members with names, social security numbers and dates of birth;

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