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What software do you recommend?

I recommend the QuickBooks computer software to all of my clients.

Do not use Microsoft Excel software for bookkeeping. It was not designed for this purpose.

QuickBooks has many advantages:

  • Most clients already have the computer hardware.

  • Inexpensive software.

  • Widely available in office supply stores, computer stores, and software dealers.

  • Most common software in use in America today.

  • Easy support from local bookkeepers, friends or relatives.

  • Very short learning curve.

  • Easy error correction and reclassification, if/when necessary.

  • Easy and efficient communication with your accountant at tax time.

  • Saves time preparing information for tax accountant.

  • Strong, clean documentation in the unlikely event of an IRS or state audit.

  • Good management information system.

  • Easy reports show year to date, comparison to last month, quarter, year.

  • Taxpayer can do it themselves, or easily find and replace bookkeepers to maintain the system.

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