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IRS Fails Test

Tax Questions Stump the IRS Staff.


April 15 is looming, and many Americans are calling 1-800-829-1040, going to or visiting one of the 400 IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers with their tax questions. Unfortunately, the IRS staff may not give the right answers.

Treasury Department auditors visited some of those centers, posing as taxpayers seeking help with basic questions. Errors were made on 19 of 23 returns (83 percent). Why? The staff did not check IRS publications to determine eligibility for deductions, or faulty software led to errors. But don't just blame the IRS: Congress writes those complex tax laws, though few members do their own taxes.


Parade Magazine, page 8, 4/11/2004


The moral of the story? It is a great mistake for you to rely on the IRS front-line staff for guidance in preparing your income tax return. They are not there to help you minimize your taxes. Their real purpose is to collect taxes. Surprise! They do not have training or experience in sophisticated tax-reduction strategies.


If you want to minimize your taxes, you must go beyond a simple tax preparer, and find an educated and experienced CPA, who specializes exclusively in taxation, who is flexible in his thinking, and is well versed in tax reduction techniques and strategies.


Robert Greene, CPA, CMA is that rare individual. Release 4/30/2004.

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