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A While Since You Have Filed a Return?

Feeling guilty? Scared? Don't know what to do or where to turn? Do you even need to file?

If you haven't filed your income tax returns for any reason, good or bad, the IRS may have placed the designation NON-FILER on your account. This could cause real problems. Your first step to solving these problems is calling a qualified Enrolled Agent or CPA.


If you come forward and voluntarily file your missing tax returns, the system works more in your favor. Since nearly three out of four tax returns filed are due a refund, there is a good chance that the IRS might owe money to you. The only catch is that if you don't ask for your refund within two years, the IRS isn't going to give you what was yours in the first place. We are available to help you file your returns and, if necessary, act as your representative before the IRS. We will work for you, not the IRS.

Sometimes things just happen. If there is a good reason for not filing a tax return, some of the penalties can be reduced. Generally, if the IRS owes you a refund there are no penalties at all.

Scared of Volunteering?

If the IRS decides to come looking for you, life can become very difficult and frequently embarrassing. There is a good chance that your employer might be requested to send part of your paycheck to the IRS, instead of handing your paycheck to you. Your bank account could be frozen or even seized. A lien could be placed on your house. In the worst case, you could face criminal prosecution.

What if you owe money?

If you owe less than $10,000 and can pay the full amount within three years, you can set up a monthly payment plan and make regular installment payments.

What if you owe a lot of money?

If you owe so much money that you will never be able to pay your tax liability, We may be able to work out a compromise where the IRS will accept less than what you actually owe. If the IRS accepts your Offer-In-Compromise, your total tax liability including interest and penalty is considered paid in full. An OIC is a mathematical formula, NOT an amnesty program. Professional assistance is strongly recommended when compromising a tax liability.

Professional Assistance

Don't be afraid to ask for help. By law, you have the right to professional representation. Only an Enrolled Agent, CPA, or attorney can represent your case before the IRS.

(1) Attorneys are the least qualified, as they actually prepare few, if any, returns. Therefore, they are not as experienced as tax specialist CPA's and Enrolled Agents.

(2) CPA's and Enrolled Agents, while a less costly alternative, usually do not practice in a courtroom, so they naturally want to avoid expensive legal confrontations. Conversely lawyers, by definition and by nature, are adversarial. This can result in unwanted repercussions, such as protracted, expensive, and stressful legal battles, which are profitable only for the lawyer.

Your Best Choice: Call Robert Greene NOW!
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