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Isn't My Return Simple?

Isn't it pretty much cut and dried?

Do you think the fields of medicine or law are 'cut and dried'?

There are various tax deductions, alternative tax strategies,

constantly changing laws and regulations,

always new court cases,

different interpretations and understandings.

Nobody knows every detail of the voluminous and complex tax code.

But formal education, professional experience, professional credentials with mandatory continuing education requirement help ensure the delivery of a quality service which can positively and directly affect how much tax you pay, and how much money you keep.

Fifteen minutes or a half hour is not enough time to ask questions, elicit responses, then clarify and quantify the results. Robert Greene always starts new clients with a one hour appointment.

This is necessary to get a full understanding of the tax aspects of their lives,

then create the structure of the tax strategy and tax return.

Anybody who thinks their return is 'Simple' is probably missing the opportunity for many tax deductions,

and significantly overpaying their taxes.

There are many legitimate tax deductions which are commonly overlooked.

Frequently overlooked deductions are omitted from the returns of

teachers, doctors, chiropractors, nurses, law enforcement, lawyers,

various salaried individuals and self-employed individuals.

Frequently overlooked deductions may be medical, charitable, employee business expenses, investment expenses, self-employed expenses, real estate expenses. Each of these areas has legitimate tax deductions most people (and most tax preparers) have never even heard of, nor considered, or their application is weak.

There is a whole menu of tax credits.

There can be several acceptable and correct ways to handle a situation or transaction.

Which way saves taxes?

Which way can provoke an audit?

With the complexity of the tax code today,


NOTHING is 'Cut and Dried'!

So, Do Not Use The 'S' Word!

Don't even Think about it!

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