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What Does Quality Professional Tax Help Cost?


It is actually very affordable and maybe your best financial decision ever?

For personal and business tax return preparation, tax team members typically spend 1 to 2 hours with each client, then 1 to 4 hours or more per return, depending on the complexity of the return.

The hourly rate for preparation is $200.00 with the smallest of returns costing $350.00.

Personal returns combining a business entity may require significant preparation time due to the increased complexity and filing requirements of corporations and partnerships.

At the conclusion of your consultation with a tax team member, we will quote you a preparation fee.

Hourly rate for services

  • Tax return preparation$200.00

  • $250.00 Telephone consultation, in 1/4 hr increments

Fees for specific services

  • $200.00 Letters to third parties on behalf of clients

  • $200.00 Letters of response to government agencies

  • $100.00 Replacement copies of lost tax returns $25/30 FedEx/UPS second day delivery anywhere in US.

Our fee schedule is designed to be both reasonable and fair to you, our client, and to us, while providing our tax expertise to you. We sell our expertise to you in the form of our time. We charge for additional specific services in order to keep our overhead as low as possible.

What do I get for my money?

Considering the fee structure of the accounting firm of Robert Greene, CPA, CMA, remember that this is a professional and skillful team, specializing in individual and corporate taxes, not merely a non- CPA tax preparer, 'filling in the boxes'. This can make a big difference in how much tax you pay to the government, and how much money you keep at home for yourself and your family.

Those who believe that taxation today is simply a matter of adding up a few numbers and filling in boxes are sadly mistaken. As a professional discipline, taxation is an art form, containing elements of personal style, in addition to the required years of formal education, then continuing professional education, knowledge of tax law and court decisions, and years of real world experience.

Most importantly, the ability of independent and critical thinking!

Would you be willing to pay a little more for your tax return if you believed that your refund would increase by much more than that? Quality professional tax advice will devise the tax structure that is most efficient for your situation and take advantage of every deduction to which you are legally entitled. This is very affordable and may be the smartest financial decision you ever make.

In the accounting firm of Robert Greene, CPA, CMA, Tax Strategies, Inc., experienced professionals perform all work. This means that you get a tax expert handling your return in the most efficient manner possible. Tax Strategies, Inc. is a group of unusually qualified accountants who perform serious tax work, with careful quality, and have fun doing it.

What does it take to become a Certified Public Accountant?

1) Complete a 4 year university degree in business and accounting

2) Pass a very rigorous 19.5 hour, 4 part CPA examination

3) Complete at least 2 years public accounting experience under the supervision of experienced CPAs

4) Maintain their knowledge with 40 hours per year of continuing professional education. (Required by the state Education Department.)

Who do most tax preparation services have on staff?

Most tax preparation services have preparers that: are not Certified Public Accountants; are not required to have a college degree or even a high school diploma; do not have an accounting and business education; have no formal accounting experience; and are not required by the state Education Department to maintain their knowledge with 40 hours per year of continuing professional education.

The largest of these tax preparation services only requires that new preparers take a short course of training (approximately 11 weeks, 66 hours, with no entrance requirements) and thus creating instant experts, capable (hopefully) of filling in the boxes. Clients usually brings them their papers, leaving after a cursory interview, and later getting a tax return which was produced automatically, with little or no thought, planning or strategy. They do not do tax planning at all.

When and how do I pay?

Payment in full is expected before the start of work.

Payment may be made with cash, money order, travelers check, personal or corporate check, Visa or MasterCard. Credit card authorization may be given in person or via telephone, fax or Email.

Extended telephone consultations will require a credit card payment as a retainer.

By not maintaining accounts receivable, we do not waste valuable time tracking accounts, or functioning as lenders, debt collectors, etc.

The best use of our time is servicing our clients. Administering issues of payment is not our highest and best use of our time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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