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Can You Talk To The IRS For Me?

1. Preparation of Power of Attorney forms

We prepare four copies of this form. We keep one in the clients file as a record. We send 3 copies to the client for signature, with pre-addressed envelopes. One is addressed to the IRS, and gets sent by the client via certified mail, "return receipt requested." One signed copy is returned to Robert Greene CPA, as soon as possible. The remaining copy is kept by the client, so that they know what they signed.

2. We then call the IRS or state and request a transcript of the account. We wait for 1-2 weeks for a response.

3. We review the transcript and analyze its meaning. We compare this to information we already have from the client.

4. We then communicate our understanding with the client.

5. We come to a decision with the client, as to what is the best course of action to take at this time, with the information currently available.

6. We document this whole process in our files.

7. The combined fee for all steps listed in this process is $300.00.

8. What is not included: a personal or corporate tax return.

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