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Preparing to Meet with Our New York CPA



  1. Form W-2’s Wage statements.

  2. Form 1095-A for Marketplace Insurance

  3. Form 1099’s for Interest and Dividend Income, and Form 1099-G for Unemployment Compensation.

  4. Form 1099-NEC or MISC for Nonemployee Compensation or Miscellaneous income.

  5. Form 1098 Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax statement.

  6. Schedule K-1s from partnerships, S-Corporations, estates, and trusts.

  7. Statements supporting educational expenses, including deductions or distributions, including any forms 1098-T, 1098-E, or 1099-Q.

  8. Summary of all medical expenses.

  9. Summary of all charitable contributions.

  10. Summary of all work-related expenses.

  11. Foreign Bank Account information.

  12. Childcare annual statement with the name, address, and EIN number.

  13. Estimated Tax Payments, Federal and State.

  14. Brokerage Statements (1099-B) for any investments you sold during the year.

  15. Bitcoin: Bought or sold.

  16. Closing Documents (HUD-1) for any real estate property you bought or sold during the year.

  17. Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority.

  18. A numbered list of questions and issues you want to be addressed (optional).

  19. Anything else that might be relevant.

Any document or information that is not available at the time of the meeting can be mailed, emailed or faxed later.



NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Please send your most recent tax return, Federal and State.




Personal Tax Filing Deadline: April 18th

Personal Information Cut-off: March 24th

Any information or payment received after March 24th, 2023 will require an extension to be filed, and we cannot guarantee that your return will be filed by the deadline. Your return will be completed in a first come, first serve basis as soon as possible after the tax deadline, unless otherwise noted.


Personal Extension Tax Filing Deadline: October 15th

Personal Extension Tax Filing Information Cut-off: September 22nd

Any information or payment received after September 22nd, 2023 will not be guaranteed to be filed by the October 15th extension deadline. Your return will be completed in a first come, first serve basis as soon as possible, unless otherwise noted.

In our real world experience of taxation, we find that middle class taxpayers receive significant benefits from this New York CPA.

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