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ProActive Accountants VS. ReActive Accountants


Different Strokes for Different Folks


In any professional discipline, such as law, medicine or accounting,

there are various styles and postures available to experienced practitioners.


Some styles serve the professional practitioner's interest

by allowing them to communicate less, plan less, and serve the client's interest less.


Some tax accountants do not have tax efficiency or tax reduction as their goal.

They simply want to prepare the tax return and collect the fee.


Conversely, other styles of service 'serve' the clients better,

by communicating in plain English,

planning for specific outcomes,

creating tax structures which will be tax efficient,

and therefore, reduce taxes.


Here are some definitions of the meaning of these terms:


Proactive: acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes. (Good idea!)


Reactive: occurring as a result of an outside stimulus.


The Point


The active and proactive accountant truly serves the clients better by taking action to analyze issues,

communicating and planning

to create the proper structure for tax efficiency,

and thereby minimize taxes.


These are rare qualities in a tax accountant.



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