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Quotations of Robert Greene and Others:


     Which of these quotes is meaningful to you?


1. Tax structure is much more important than any single tax deduction.


2. Little pieces of bubble gum can add up to a very big wad.


3. Record keeping is the key to deducting expenses.


4. Everybody needs a good plumber, electrician, doctor, dentist, lawyer and accountant on their team

      for a happy and successful life.


5. Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. (Especially with accounting fees)


6. If you're not neurotic about saving receipts and documentation, fake it like you are.


7. More documentation is better than less documentation.


8. Document retention policy of tax preparers, required by IRS: 3 years.

     Tax returns older than that are destroyed.

     Keep your tax returns for 3 years After you're Dead.


9. Tax Efficient: Just like you want to get good gas mileage from your car,

       you want your tax structure and tax return to be 'tax efficient.'


10. Consumer credit card debt is the Great Satan of our times.

      Take corrective action, reduce and eliminate it now, before it is too late.

      Read "Credit Card Nation : The Consequences of Americas Addiction to Credit" by Robert D. Manning, Ph.D.

      Also visit website:


11. Site Selection (where you locate your new business)

      is one of the most important decisions at the start of a new business.

      It is worthwhile to have a consultation on this subject alone.


12. What do these numbers tell us? Ignore at your own risk!


13. Monopoly: Learning to operate a new tax strategy and structure is like learning to play Monopoly.

     The more understanding of the rules and experience you get playing the game,

      the more effectively you can play the game.


14. 'Word of Mouth' is the 'Kiss of Death.'

      Why? It is S-l-o-w.

      Relying on word of mouth to be your primary mode of advertising is a big mistake,

      which can lead to a business that grows slowly and does not thrive,

      but suffers from a lack of new business.

      A small investment in yellow pages advertising will help a business grow much faster.


15. The answer to all business problems:

     Increase revenue.

     Decrease expenses.

     Reduce taxes: More for you, less for them.


16. Giving your kids a paycheck beats giving them an allowance.

Robert Greene's favorite quotations from other people

1. What's the most important thing to do right now?
- Mark Landiak


2. We don't need no thought control.
- Pink Floyd


3. We must cultivate the ability of independent thinking.
- Doug Schaff


4. When I give a gift, I give the gift of health.
     - Paula Solomon. Great idea, Paula!


5. The further we look back into the past, the further we may see into the future.
     - Winston Churchill.


6. The Arrogance of Power.
     - Sheldon Bunin, wise lawyer.


7. Ego, Vanity and Greed destroys partnerships.
     - Sheldon Bunin, wise lawyer.


8. Business is a team sport.

    The average small-business person loses financially because they do not have a team.

    Instead of a team, they act as individuals who are trampled by very smart teams.

    Go out and gather your own great team of advisors.

    Robert Kiyosaki.


9. Self-employment is the ability to convert personal expenses to legitimate business deductions.
    - Dennis Skea, EA, 30-year veteran of the IRS


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