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What Information Is Needed For Corporate Tax Return?


Below is a list of important information that is required to prepare an accurate and complete corporation tax return for the tax year.  Following this list will ensure that your tax return will be filed by the due date of March 15.


1. Trial Balance, at year end -- CASH BASIS ONLY.


2. General Ledger, for the full calendar year -- CASH BASIS ONLY.

This computer report lists all transactions & activity for all accounts.


3. Profit & Loss Statement, for the calendar year – CASH BASIS ONLY.

This report is generated from your computer software.


4. List of Fixed Assets purchased during the year.

Be sure to let us know if the purchases are new or used.


5. Bank Statements & Checkbook Balance, at year end,

Not all Twelve Statements, for all business checking and savings accounts.


6. Note Payable (or Receivable) Balances at year end.


7. Estimated Tax Payments, Federal and State, (and city, if applicable)

(Remember: The last estimate payment for the tax year is made on the following January 15.)


8. Corporate Payroll: copies of the 941’s, (or 944), state (NYS-45), state unemployment insurance, W2, W3, and annual 940.

Please enclose payroll service reports.

9. If corporation has Subcontractors, copies of forms 1099 and 1096.


10. Please verify Corporate tax return mailing address.


11. Bookkeeper: Name, Telephone, Fax, Email.


12. Payroll Service: Name, Telephone, Fax, Email.


13. CUT-OFF FEBRUARY 22nd - Any information received after cut-off will require filing an extension.


14. CUT-OFF AUGUST 25th –  Any information received after cut-off:

We CANNOT GUARANTEE 09/15 filing.


15. CRISIS FEE:  Additional $100 for any work done 02/22 – 03/15.


16. CRISIS FEE:  Additional  $100  for any work done 09/01 – 09/15.


17. FAX/SCAN: Number the pages in the lower right corner.  More than 10 pages: Mail Only.  

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