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Due to concerns about the spread of Covid-19  and out of an abundance of caution, my office will not be offering in-person appointments until further notice. Please note: You will need to mail, email, or fax all of your documents to us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time. Thank you for your understanding.

Mailing Address:

Tax Strategies, Inc.

152 Deer Ridge Dr

Staatsburg, NY, 12580


  • Did we prepare your tax return last year? If so, then there's no need to schedule an appointment!

  • Simply mail your documents to our office along with any questions you may have.

  • If we have any questions we will contact you promptly, by email.

Phone or Zoom appointments are available for the entire United States!

Personal Tax Filing Deadline: April 18th

Personal Information Cut-off: March 24th

Any information or payment received after March 24th, 2023 will require an extension to be filed, and we cannot guarantee that your return will be filed by the deadline. Your return will be completed in a first come, first serve basis as soon as possible after the tax deadline, unless otherwise noted.

Personal Extension Tax Filing Deadline: October 15th

Personal Extension Tax Filing Information Cut-off: September 22nd

Any information or payment received after September 22nd, 2023 will not be guaranteed to be filed by the October 15th extension deadline. Your return will be completed in a first come, first serve basis as soon as possible, unless otherwise noted.

To schedule an appointment to meet with Robert Greene, please use the following button.

Alternatively, if you are a personal client ​(non-corporate), you can schedule an appointment

for Tax Preparation with Nicholas Roe using the link below.

When you choose Tax Preparation and go to select a date and time, simply click the

drop-down menu for Employee and choose Nicholas Roe to see his availability.

Save yourself $50: There is no $50 appointment fee for meeting with Nicholas.


All clients please print the Driver's License Information form. Fill out this form and bring it to your appointment, or send it in with the rest of your documentation!!


The Single Purpose of this one hour meeting is to clarify the information needed to prepare your individual or business Tax Return for last year. 


The appropriate time for other issues is in a separate consultation appointment, between May and December, when we do not have the pressure of preparing a tax return (your most important annual financial document) within a 1 hour time framework.


If you can not keep your scheduled appointment, - for ANY reason - you must provide at least 48 hours notice.

If the appointment is not canceled in accordance with this guideline,

you are responsible and subject to a cancellation fee of $300.

Cancellations may be made via email only at

This time is valuable.

This time appointment is reserved specifically for you and it excludes all other potential clients.

Thank you for your understanding.



1) Please turn off your cell phone prior to your tax appointment.


2) NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Please send your most recent individual and/or business tax return, Federal and State.
3) Print the "Preparation" page that outlines all of the information required to have a efficient meeting.


4) Save time at the interview: Review the FAQ’s on the website. Many of your questions can be answered by reading the FAQ’s.

5) Please make a List of your questions & issues, on 8½ x 11” paper only. Leave space between the questions to write answers.

6) To get the biggest refund possible, prepare for this appointment - carefully, in advance, not the last minute.

    I realize you are busy. However, I promise that you will benefit and profit from your preparation for our meeting.

7) Please make sure you are in a quiet area with minimal distractions in order to facilitate a productive meeting.

8) Please do not schedule anything immediately before or after your appointment, to avoid having to reschedule due to tardiness or lack of time.

9) You are responsible for reading this information, and preparing for our meeting.

10) If you have any questions:

     Please send a brief email to New York tax preparer:

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