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I have a great idea, which I hope you will appreciate!

The worst time to call your accountant is April.

Your New York CPA and their office will be stressed.

By April, it’s been a long season.

Let’s talk in January/February and resolve all issues in February or even March.

Deadlines in everyone’s life can cause enough stress. It is unnecessary to compound your accountant’s stress with his April 15th deadline, with ANY issues that can be handled either after April 15th, or in the months of January through March.

If, for any reason, you cannot get this process started and completed early, we will request an automatic 6 month extension for your Federal and state returns.

Extensions are filed from our office during the first complete week of April for our returning clients, as well as any new clients whose information (name, address, birthdate, social security number) we have.

Any information received after March 25th will require an extension.

We will complete your return when it is convenient for us both, after the April deadline, from May through October 15th, without stress.

An extension does not raise a red flag, or increase audit risk.

Remember, however, that an extension is an extension of time to file, NOT an extension of time to PAY. Any tax money owed, or a liberal estimate, must be sent in by April 15th, to avoid penalties and interest.

Please have some consideration and DO NOT call the office in the week leading up to and through April 15th.

We are doing our best to get as many tax returns completed and out before the deadline as we can. Phone calls only slow down this process, and it may be your return that gets held up.

If you have a question, send us an email, we will respond as soon as we can. There should be no life or death crisis in April that requires a phone call to me. Please notify us, before April, by email, if you want an extension. We cannot notify each client individually of receipt of envelopes or filing extensions.

S- or C-Corporations:

Remember that the filing date for Corporations is March 15th.

The time frame to prepare the business tax return for these entities is short, only January and February, not the first half of March. By then, it is already too late!

Then we have no choice but to request an automatic extension of time to file the return.

When the corporate return is delayed, the individual return must also go on Extension. We cannot “catch up” and prepare the corporate return between March 15th and April 15th, and thereby get the personal return filed on time. This is quite unrealistic. It simply cannot happen. I’m telling you what I know – in advance. Both the Corporate and Individual tax returns must go on Extension. Then, after late April 2-day office closing and 1 week vacation, we start working on these tax returns in May.

Let’s NOT talk in the entire month of April - at all! There is no logical reason.

Please BE considerate. Thank you for your cooperation

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