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NY Tax Strategies is focused on customer satisfaction. Here is the proof.

Some people call me Doctor, some people call me Detective.

Thank you to Frank Covino, Cinematic Immunity, Inc.,

producer of Blue Bloods.

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"Thank you for teaching me the art of money!"

Thank you to Matt Russell,

enjoy your journey

along the Great Loop! 

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Robert Greene CPA with U.S. Congressman Antonio Delgado discussing the need for increasing the tax deductible limit of State and Local taxes.

Dutchess CPA with Congressman Antonio De

What is it about trains that makes them so romantic?

Reminds me of happy days hopping freight trains across Canada. 

Thank you David & Deborah Jacobs!

Who goes hunting for Ibex in Tajikistan and brings back rocks from the other side of the planet Earth?

Thank you to Frank Zitz of Frank J Zitz & Company, Inc., Taxidermists!




THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You did it again...another great job!! I love working with you :-)

- Beth Heslowitz

Man, that Tax Return was SWEET!


Homemade maple syrup delivered by a very happy client.

Thank you Raymond Krumenacker!

business tax preparer customer

Thanks Bob!


Excellent Web site! I have a quote too: "I'll spend a thousand dollars to save myself $10,000!" Thanks Bob!
- Paul Nuccio, DC

We Laughed Out Loud!

We laughed out loud when this Dutchess tax specialist asked if we wanted Direct Deposit for any refund. We laughed some more when we got in our car. We were absolutely SHOCKED to get a refund!

- Jennifer Romano Bergstrom

Decorative dish from Agra, India, home of the Taj Mahal.

business tax preparer testimonial

Confession from a Priest


I just deposited my tax refund checks, over $*,000.00. (thousands). I am one satisfied and happy client.
- Rev. Charles Quinn

A Leading Professional in the Industry.


Thanks for taking the time to meet with me yesterday and providing opinion and insight into the taxation game. It was certainly an eye opening experience for me meeting face to face with a professional that has clearly earned the right to describe themself as a leading professional in the industry. Years past with other New York CPA s have left me feeling as though, while they seemed to care for the 20 minute call, I was given no suggestions on how to better prepare myself.

Needless to say I have set an amended personal goal of being the best me, and retaining the documentation to prove when asked. I will certainly be recommending your services to those who may need.

- Kurt Worell

Miracle Worker!


Hi Robert, You are an Amazing Miracle Worker! Thanks!
- Andrea and Michael Mondello

Highland Falls NY, Engineer says "Awesome!"


I just wanted to thank you for the super job you did on our taxes. It is by far the most professional job I have seen. I look forward to meeting again next year. You are an awesome CPA tax preparer. Love Ya!
- Joe DeRosa

Happy Client in New Mexico


Hi Bob, Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! May all the powers that be - bless you!

I am enclosing the letter I received canceling the tax enquiry! Once again, my deepest heartfelt thanks for your wonderful counsel on this matter! Sincerely,

- Laura Bull Tatum, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fortunate in Queens, NY


Just wanted to say thanks for all the support and advice and the handholding that you have provided us over the last couple of years. I especially appreciate the fact that you always have a "couple of minutes" to talk to me. Your accessibility goes way beyond the call of duty. You have no peers that can come anywhere close to your professionalism and dedication to your clients. I consider myself very fortunate to have this NYC tax preparer on my team.
- Ashwani and Poonam Tejpal, Queens, NY

Self-Employed, Advertising, Married


Robert, Both of your web sites look great. They are both well planned out and easy to get in and out of all the topics. Compared to some of the web sites out there, yours is the easiest to use and understand. Greg and I are very impressed with your credentials as an NY tax specialist. I am so happy you were able to save me from some of those taxes I would've had to pay in my situation. Greg feels much more confident now. Thanks again! 
- Linda Lamorgese, Advertising

Happy Clients, Roseann and Anthony Napodano


Dear Bob, Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing a fabulous job with our taxes again this year. You always give us something to think about and have consistently shown us new ways to help ourselves. Thank you for your good wishes and we will send you our new address when we move in the summer. By the way, the new website looks great! Good luck with it. Again, many thanks.

 -Roseann and Anthony Napodano

Going the Distance


Dear Bob, Thank you very much for the time and effort in helping us prepare our business tax return. Not only are you saving us extra money. But you go the extra distance for us, understanding our business needs and our personal finances. That helps us to plan for the coming year and the future. Many thanks to this business tax preparer and his expert team.
- Doug and Terry Schaff

Maryland Lawyer Highly Recommends Robert Greene CPA


My firm has been using the accounting services of Robert Greene for the past ten years. In all that time he continues to treat me with the utmost respect and will devote the utmost quality time to my taxes. Bob always gives me a sense that he has nothing but my interests at heart and is always looking for ways to better my financial picture. He has always kept me informed of any changes in the tax code that might affect my or my family's tax position. The bottom line is that he finds ways of reducing my tax liabilities while remaining within the bounds of the law. I would highly recommend the services of this Duchess County CPA.
- Steven A. Shapiro Attorney At Law Potomac, Maryland

Great To Have Him!


I don't know how much time Robert Greene spent on my taxes, but I do know that he's fast. He produces excellent information, and the IRS likes his work. For every problem, he has an upbeat answer! Great to have him!
- Barbara Carranza

Robert Enjoys Looking After Me.


Robert Greene has been doing my tax returns for over ten years and I always enjoy how Robert enjoys looking after me.He does it with effortless competence. He makes me feel confident and secure in my relations with the IRS. He has saved me large amounts of money, and endless amounts of trouble (I do NOT handle figures and forms with obscure directions well, and I really do not like dealing with 'Authorities'). Robert is always cheerful and positive; I feel he treats me just like he would treat one of his own family. I thoroughly recommend Robert to anyone who wants or needs first-class professional service in a New York tax preparer.

-Kenneth G. Urquhart
Spiritual Counselor Book Dealer

85% Larger!


…how nice, how refreshing to encounter you and your company, clearly a paragon of competence. My federal return, deposited this week, was 85% larger than last year (as you, Bob, carefully and thoughtfully pointed out). I consider myself lucky to have found you, and very much look forward to seeing you next year.
- Mark, Bronx, NY

Wonderful Job!


I wanted to thank you for your patience with my tax return, and the wonderful job that you did, AGAIN! I particularly enjoyed the refunds. I’m also very grateful that you included the “FAFSA” for idiots” form. It helped me do, in three minutes, what would have taken me (over) an hour without your notes. Thank you for being our Dutchess tax preparer! 
- Ron, Rhinebeck, NY

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