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What's Next? E-File!

1. Time frame: 2 to 3 weeks, from the time that all information is received.


2. You will receive a complete package from me, by US Postal Service, containing:

     A. Your file copy, of the federal return, and all state returns, with all of your documents securely stapled to the back of it.

     B. Federal return form authorizing federal E-File. You must return it to RG to e-file.

     C. State return forms authorizing state(s) E-file. You must return it to RG to e-file.


3. All forms to be signed by the taxpayer(s) will have a removable "Sign Here" sticker. All returns to be sent to the gov't. will be E-Filed by Robert Greene CPA - FREE.

Money Policies: Based on rate of $200/hour. I take cash/check/Visa/MC, not AMEX/Discover


4. All pre-payments remain in the client's file until work is completed and ready to mail out.


5. No returns are released until paid. Accounts receivable waste my time and energy. [It is not a trust issue. It is a matter of recordkeeping, time, energy and delays.]


6. If you make a mistake or omit a piece of information which must be added later, the cost for reprocessing the entire return package is $200.00, paid in advance.


7. Replacement copies: Hard copy, $100.00. E-copy, $50.00. Recommendation: Retain your copy securely, permanently.


8. In the (unlikely) event that you receive correspondence from the government, please fax it to me promptly (24/7), at 845-889-8161. Include your telephone number. Governmental Correspondence Letters: $250. They take more time than you expect.


9. If we make a significant (material) mistake, and the return must be corrected, we will correct the mistake or amend the return at no charge to the client, including any letters.


10. Please review your return carefully. Email(best)/fax/call with any questions/concerns.


11. Homework assignment: Please do not call my office with numbers. Fax/email/mail. Please promptly provide any outstanding information required for your return, if any. Read and carefully study any literature given to you. Resolve to evolve your recordkeeping and organization - this year.


12. Next January, I will mail or E-Mail you a tax organizer. Call me if you don't receive it. It will show you the amount you previously claimed for each specific deduction, and give you spaces for your new information. Use is recommended, and optional.


13. Refund over $8,000? Send me a vacation picture postcard!


14. Thank you for your business. Your friends and I appreciate your referrals.

Release date 6/08/2002

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