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About Robert Greene CPA Tax Preparer & Team

Robert Greene CPA Tax Preparer and Dutchess Tax Specialist
Critical Thinking.
Problem Solving.
Thought Leadership.
Tax Strategies
Paying less taxes is exactly the same as earning more money.


Robert Greene is a skilled tax specialist for the middle class. ($40,000 - $900,000)


Passed the Certified Public Accountant exam (19.5 hour, 2.5 day, 4 part test) the first time he took it.


Passed the Certified Management Accountant exam (17.5 hour, 2.5 day, 5 part test) on the first try.


Worked at Certified Public Accounting firms in the New York metropolitan area.


Audited other CPA's, as part of the professional policing activity of the prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, for 5 years.


A practicing CPA tax preparer and Dutchess tax specialist accountant

serving clients in ALL 50 STATES, including California, for 30 years.


Understands from experience the process of audits, audit appeals and tax court.


Has developed unique formulas to prevent IRS audits, as well as state audits.


Based in Dutchess County, New York with offices in New York City and Long Island and telephone/mail clients in forty states.


Takes continuing education seminars every year, specifically on taxation,

necessary to keep up with the constantly changing tax environment.


Uses his extensive knowledge of tax laws to safely provide you with the maximum tax refund, at a reasonable cost.

Robert Greene CPA Tax Preparer and Dutchess Tax Specialist


Nicholas Roe is a rising tax professional.

Has been working under the direct supervision of Robert Greene CPA, CMA for multiple years.

Fully benefits from Robert's 30 years of experience.

Utilizes the exact same tax preparation system and framework as Robert.

Graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Public Accounting.

Is a CPA candidate working toward obtaining his CPA license.


Has done extensive studies on New York State’s new audit program.


Contributed significantly to the new Audit Defense Package.


Available for appointments in Dutchess County.


Takes continuing education seminars every year to keep up with the changing tax laws.

About Nicholas
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