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Consultations & Tax Planning

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Consultations & Tax Planning

Please email your questions and concerns for any matters other than your immediate need to have a tax return prepared. If a member of our team cannot answer your questions in a concise email, we will advise you to schedule a consultation and direct you to our website. Our office requires an agenda and any pertinent documentation to be sent in no later than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. If you do not clearly articulate your questions when scheduling your appointment online, we will send you the consultation policy and direct you to fill it out with all of the questions you carefully prepared ahead of time.

Please review each of the following documents prior to your meeting:

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We also offer the following tax services for personal and corporate clients:

  • S-Corporation formation

  • LLC formation

  • Entity name-changes

  • LLC or C-Corporation conversion to S-Corporation

  • Audit representation for clients whose returns we prepared

  • Advisement for IRS letters and letters from other taxing authorities

Additional Tax Services

Case Studies

Our accountants have created resources to help you better understand commonly asked tax questions. Through this, you can gain valuable insights and make informed tax decisions.

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From Our Clients

"Robert is a very insightful tax strategist, specifically for S-corp tax planning. I recommend him to other entrepreneurs regularly."

Michael M.

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