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Tax Services

Saving You Money

Our Philosophy

We take the worry out of tax season and make it easy to get started.

The process is simple: send all your tax documents to our office via email or mail, meet via Zoom or Phone to review your documentation, and then we get started. If you are a returning client, the process is even easier. Simply send your tax documents, and we will get started.

Before you know it, your taxes are done!

We also offer Tax Planning and corporate formation/conversion services.

Tax Preparation, Strategy, & Planning

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Personal Taxes

Whether you have W-2 or retirement income, ten rental properties, large sole proprietorship businesses, or anything in between, our tax specialists will ensure you claim the deductions you are allowed and the tax credits you’re entitled to.


This includes providing clients with worksheets for businesses or rental properties to help guide clients on how to format their income and expenses, along with examples to ensure no deductions are missed.

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Corporate Taxes

Our firm specializes in S-corporation taxation, as it is the most advantageous entity choice for most businesses.


Has your previous accountant ever discussed tax-free fringe benefits, non-taxable reimbursements, or non-taxable income from your business with you?


These easily overlooked tax-saving strategies can add up to tens of thousands of dollars each year, so we developed our S-corporation onboarding process. Ask us about tax-free fringe benefits!

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Consultations & Tax Planning

From corporate formations to tax projections, the second half of the year is the time to plan!


No one likes surprises, especially when it leads to owing more tax.


If you are anticipating selling a property, want to know how getting married or divorced will change your situation, or anything tax-related

– ask your CPA!

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From Our Clients

"Robert is a tax genius. He is extremely knowledgeable, and communicative and we have really learned so much from him. We used his services for the first time last year and we were very happy with the experience, and savings! He did our personal and my husband's business taxes. He is very good at getting you to pay the lowest possible tax. He explains exactly how everything works and offers recommendations that will help for the future. I cannot recommend any accountant other than Robert."

Johanna C.

Stop Worrying. Start Saving.

Get Started Today.

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